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We’re creatives for creatives. Creative entrepreneurs are often so focused on their work and their clients' needs that they overlook their own branding as a way to signal to potential clients what they have to offer.

That’s where You + ME* comes in.

We understand that great branding starts with a solid graphic identity and is carried through in a company's feel, direction, and focus. Great branding doesn't happen by accident; it is a series of carefully considered decisions centered around a fundamental, well-developed direction. Let us help you develop a brand that resonates with your potential clients and reflects who you are and what you can accomplish for them.

Our client roster includes photographers, artists, small business owners, and designers of everything from flowers to headpieces to interiors. We think of our clients as collaborators more than customers and we’d be happy to connect you with a few of them, if you’d like to hear firsthand what it’s like to work with us.


The ME from You + ME* refers to founders Miya Hirabayashi and Elisabeth Thurston Fraser. We both grew up near San Francisco, but crossed paths while pursuing doctoral degrees in social policy at Columbia University. Maybe it was our lingering California sensibilities that initially drew us to one another, but it was a shared view of the world that quickly cemented our friendship. We both excelled at discovering patterns in data, anticipating social trends, and finding the simplest and most elegant way to visually display information, but yearned to put those skills to use more creatively. After informally taking jobs for a couple years, we decided to take a leap in 2010 and officially launch You + ME*. 

Miya lives in Park Slope with her husband Jordy, two year old daughter Emi, and dog Dexter.  Elisabeth lives on the Upper West Side with her husband Dod, children two and a half year old Claire and four month old Jack, dog Tahoe, and cat Ginger.

Our office tends to be a 24-7 lovefest. We just like each other that much.


Our company, like our friendship, is founded on some firmly held beliefs. We believe in sunshine, public parks, and picnics with rosé. We believe people should leave the world better off than they found it. We believe in Banyan trees, peonies, and ranunculus. We believe the color yellow is underused. We believe Wes Anderson and the creators of Arrested Development are comic geniuses. We believe that metallics are neutrals and are impossible to overuse.